Thursday, 26 January 2017

USB Printer becomes WiFi Printer with BANA

This is going to be very short and quick post. Check my previous posts before reading this, here, here and here :). 

Attach your USB printer to any of your BANA Routers to make your USB printer as a WiFi printer. Now you can  print documents from every client (Mobile phone, Tablet or Laptop) in your home. You don't need any PC for this and as usual absolutely no wiring is needed.  To print from mobile phones, you need to install apps like PrintBot. 

To summarize my posts on BANA's USB applications, you can attach the following USB devices to the BANA WiFi System.

  • USB Webcams to monitor your premises from anywhere in the world
  • 4G USB Dongle for main or backup Internet Connection
  • USB tethered mobile phone for main or backup Internet Connection
  • USB printer
  • File Server with USB drive (pen drive.. no hard-disks for now)

BTW the list does n't end here. We are open to support more devices as and when we receive new requirements from customers.

We will start selling the Routers very soon. Share you email id  here,  to get your BANA. 

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