Friday, 20 January 2017

Live Video Streaming from multiple cameras with BANA

So, what is unique about BANA? Just an affordable mesh solution for Home WiFi? As I mentioned in my earlier post, BANA is something beyond WiFi System and a true platform for IoT applications. We aim to bridge gap between all the Networks in your home and make a single Network. In this post I show a demo of "Live Video Streaming from multiple cameras with BANA " .

BANA Routers come with an USB2.0 port. We support multiple applications which use the USB 2.0 effectively. Live Video Streaming is one such application. Attach a USB webcam to a BANA Router and that's it. You don't need to configure anything else. Monitor your premises live from anywhere in the world using our Android app.

So, effectively with a "Less than $10" USB webcam you can monitor your house. A demo of the app shown below. I used 3 cameras for this demo.

Does it look cool? :) Please share your suggestions. This app and BANA Routers will be available very soon.  

A Nest cam costs around $200. Say you install 3 cameras. The total cost would be $600. An USB cam costs less than $10. So,  3 webcams + 3-unit BANA WiFi system costs you $30 + $100 = $130. No annual subscription fee BTW :). Moreover the cams are easy to install. Absolutely no wiring is needed. 

This is how I installed the BANA Router and attached the camera on a side wall. The Routers are very easy to mount. Each piece weighs just 39 grams with dimensions of 58*58*25mm  ie little less than your palm size. You can use any USB webcam of your choice. All the cameras we tested so far worked fine.  You can install upto 8 webcams. BTW,  BANA Routers are available in multiple colors including White, Blue, Black and Yellow. 

We will start selling the Routers very soon. Share you email id  here,  to get your BANA. 

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