Monday, 23 January 2017

4G Backup with BANA

In my last post, I wrote about Live Video Streaming using Webcams with BANA WiFi System. In this post I will write about 4G backup for your Network.

Internet is something that we can't live without. Internet connectivity is the key for the IoT applications to function properly. 

All of us get to see the problem of "Internet goes down suddenly". You might be in the middle of some important office call or in a video call with dearest relatives  when the Internet goes down and it is really a tough time :).  Or one of the sensors in the home have some important update (say smoke detection) and  your broadband Internet connection is down. Can't imagine the consequences.. right? What if there is a secondary Internet connection which comes up when your broadband (wired) connection goes down. BANA supports this.

With BANA, you can backup your Internet connection. You can use either a 3G/4G-USB Dongle or an USB-tethered mobile phone to backup your Internet connection.When your wired broadband Internet   goes down or not available, BANA will switch to 4G Network  and your WiFi clients or IoT applications will be online within few seconds. When your wired broadband Internet connection is up again, BANA will switch back to your wired connection.  This way your home is always connected with Internet and connectivity is always maintained for your IoT applications. 

 Attach the USB dongle to the  main (Root) BANA WiFi Router as shown below and configure (very minimal) some ISP settings. 

We will start selling the Routers very soon. Share you email id  here,  to get your BANA. 


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