Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Parental Control With BANA WiFi Router / WiFi System

Everyone wants  control over their Internet connection, either it is permanently blocking a client (Laptops, Mobiles, Tablets etc) from accessing Internet or limiting access to kids. Especially with WiFi Routers we always should be very careful on who gets access to the Internet from your Network.  For eg. You have found an unwanted client device in your Network and you want to block access to it completely. Or Everday from 6PM to 7PM you want your kids to complete their homework and hence might want to block Internet Access during that period for selective clients or block Internet Access at dinner time. 

Unfortunately most of the WiFi Routers does n't let you to control the access. There are few WiFi Routers that let you to control the access. But they are very expensive. A WiFi system similar to BANA is priced around $400. You will get a BANA WiFi Rotuer for $40 and 3-BANA Router pack for $105. 

With BANA,  you will have full control over your network, including the following. 

  • Block / Unblock Internet Access for a selected client device
  • Schedule Internet Access for your kids (Say 6PM to 7PM on weekdays and 8PM to 9PM on weekends)
  • Block / Unblock Internet  Access for everyone (Say at dinner time)

You can control the above using a simple to use Web UI or through our Android App. You can also control the bandwidth consumption for each client in your Network. I will write about this in another post.  I am copying below the configuration screenshots from my BANA Routers.  You can see that with a single click you can block access to a client device.

We will start selling the Routers very soon. Share you email id  here, http://www.nearhop.com/#mc_embed_signup  to get your BANA. 

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