Thursday, 12 September 2013

Specifying the list of users to access GUI in OpenWRT

LuCI is one of the most used GUI packages on OpenWRT. When you access the device using LuCI based packages, you will be prompted to provide the username and password. By default it allows only the user "root".If you are not comfortable in using root based login, you can specify new user by modifying the LuCI package.

For adding more users or removing the root user, you need to edit the file modules/admin-mini/luasrc/controller/mini/index.lua in the luci package. Open that file and look for "page.sysauth ="  (without quotes). By default you will see the line with root as the user ie  page.sysauth = "root". If you want specify any other username (say admin) instead of root, change this line to page.sysauth = "admin". Multiple usernames also can be specified with each username is separated by comma and the list is enclosed with { and }. As an example root and admin are specified as page.sysauth = {"root", "admin"}

You can use adduser command to add a new user.

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