Thursday, 9 March 2017

Typical Network Setup with BANA WiFi Routers and DVR

I am going to introduce a new Feature in this post. One can save the Surveillance video streams recorded by BANA WiFi Routers (Through USB Cams). Needless to say, DVR is also a wireless device. We made the configuration very easy for DVR also. It joins the network with a minimal configuration and saves the video streams.

A typical setup involving BANA WiFi Routers and DVR is as shown below.  ROOT is the main WiFi Router that starts the network and connected with Internet directly through a WAN cable. Non-ROOTs extend your WiFi Network and will  help you to avoid WiFi dead-spots. DVR saves the Surveillance videos captured by  USB-cameras (not shown in the figure) attached to ROOT and Non-ROOT Nodes. One can view the recorded videos through our App. 

There is no subscription fee to use this service. Just buy the DVR, attach an USB Hard-disk and configure it. Thats it. There is no limit on the size of the videos that you save. The streams are stored, as long as your hard-disk has free space. The oldest streams will be automatically cleared in case of non-availability of space. 

BTW, we have updated our website recently. Please check, . Also let us know if you are expecting more features. We will start selling the BANA Routers very soon through a crowd-funding platform.  Register at to hear more about the crowd-funding campaign. 

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